Out to Sea Adventures is a charter boat operation out of Port Aransas, TX. We offer SCUBA diving, spearfishing, reel fishing, research, education, and commercial services. We have been operating these trips in the Gulf of Mexico for 10 years.

Our backyard is the Gulf of Mexico, which is teaming with marine life. Our experienced, professional, and fun loving crew has the skills and knowledge to provide a fantastic trip out to sea.

Although we offer many services we pride ourselves on the 10 hour dive trip (3 tanks at 3 dive sites). Our crew are all experienced anglers with spearguns and fishing rods.

We operate two boats now. ORION is a 36 foot Pearson with lots of customization for diving and fishing. JAIME is a 44 foot Thompson trawler with a big commercial fishing background used for research and fun trips.

Learn more about our services and book your trip online today. We will be happy to speak with you personally about booking your trip or about your individual needs.

Please come aboard and start your adventure TODAY.

See you in the water,

The Crew